FTC Disclosure

I want to be clear with you, dear reader. I write because I love writing. I also write to increase my reach, and ultimately my income.

Some websites don’t want to disclose how they make money, or even that they make money. I believe in being completely transparent about my intentions here.

With this in mind, when I recommend products I personally use and recommend, I include affiliate links where possible. When someone clicks on one of these links and makes a purchase or subscribes, I may receive a commission.

Now, a couple of notes about this:

  • I only use affiliate links on products I use or recommend
  • The existence of an affiliate program in no way impacts my recommendation
  • I earn a small commission, and often will provide you with a promotion or discount
  • Clicking on my affiliate links will never cost you more

Some folks don’t like affiliate marketing. I get it – there’s a lot of people who abuse affiliate marketing. I pledge never to.

Keep in mind many of the biggest websites you enjoy earn revenue from affiliate marketing. Some of them are super affiliates ‘comparison sites’ with commercial agreements with brands and receive a commission from those customers.

I will always be honest with you. If I truly like a product, I’ll recommend it. If I think a product really sucks, I’ll tell you, regardless of how high the commission might be.

It’s important to remember that I am only one opinion and I write about how a product benefits me. My experience may apply to your circumstances so you should do your own due diligence before making a purchase. I cannot be held accountable if a product doesn’t work out for you (I.E. No warranties).

Will it cost me more?


My affiliate links never cost you any more than it would be without the affiliate link. In fact, in some cases affiliate links can provide you with a promotion or deal that can save you money. This just helps to support me.

I appreciate your support

My ultimate goal is to provide as much value to fellow entrepreneurs as I can. Maintaining this website and writing isn’t free – it costs money.

It only takes one click so we would be extremely grateful if you purchased your WordPress, website, and hosting related services/products, and other products I recommend through links on our site.

A quick note about product support

Since I don’t sell products directly, I cannot offer support for them. Any questions should be directed to the product developer/seller.

One final disclaimer

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