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Print-On-Demand Pricing & Profit Calculator

Never under price your products again!

Enter up to 500 listings and calculate your profit margins based on your pricing. Say good bye to back of the napkin match or just winging it and hoping you make some money. This template will help you craft your pricing strategy and start to make profit with your POD store.

Built for Etsy, but powerful enough for any sales platform. Simply enter in your payment processing fee and platform fee, then enter in POD costs, then and put in pricing for your products to test out your profit margins.

Use multiple POD providers? This sheet is flexible enough to accept any POD provider’s costs.

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Make your store profitable

When you enter in your product information you’ll be able to quickly see your profit margin and test out pricing strategies to make sure your store is making money instead of losing it. 

Even works for international sellers! 
With fields for exchange rate, additional platform fees and additional shipping fees, this spreadsheet template even works with international sellers. 

Easy Profit Margin Calculations

As you enter in your pricing details, quickly see whether your product will be profitable. 

  • Test different providers
  • Compare products to one another
  • See your profit margin 
  • Find the pricing that works best for your store! 
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Easy to Follow Instructions

Follow the easy to use instructions to figure out your best pricing. 

Editable fields for payments and platform fees to use in formulas. 

Add your products, pricing, and shipping and instantly see your profit margins.

Avoid underselling or losing revenue with this easy to use spreadsheet.

Easily enter your data into the instructions sheet in the POD profit estimator spreadsheet

Automatically Calculates Profit with Free Shipping

Customers love free shipping so this spreadsheet automatically shows your profit margin if you offer free shipping! 

Whether you intend to offer free shipping all the time on your store or only for specific order sizes or sales, this template will automatically show you how free shipping will impact your profit. 

Save hours of your time and maximize your profit margins with this simple Google sheet!

Never underprice your products or lose out on revenue again! 

Build your pricing strategy without trial and error and losing money along the way. 


– Automatic Calculations

– Easy to use and understand

– View the spreadsheet across multiple devices

– Easily view your progress in charts and tables

– Single month, easily duplicated for more months

Easy Pricing Calculations

Take control of your pricing. This pro-level spreadsheet will help you determine the right price for your products and help increase your revenue. 

Built to be easy to use for non-technical users, this spreadsheet will help you be on your way to success. 

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Print on demand pricing calculator template download instructions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The beauty of Google Sheets is that since it runs in the browser, you can use this template on any computer, tablet, or phone connected to the internet.

Nope! This template is built to be as easy as possible for buyers at any level to be able to use. Simply enter in your information and the spreadsheet automatically does all the calculations for you!

Due to the digital nature of the Ultimate Business Bookkeeping Template, all sales are final and non-refundable. There may be an exception in the case of direct issues with the functionality of the spreadsheet, but we will do our best to fix those before issuing a refund.

Before you purchase, if you have questions on whether this template is the right fit for you, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can!

This google sheets bookkeeping template makes it easy to track your business’s accounting, so you don’t need an advanced degree. 

We have tried hard to stick to accounting principles while not bogging you down with jargon. 

Having an understanding of basic accounting principles will help, but isn’t required